Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Join us in Guelph, Ontario for a meeting of the Scots Diaspora from across North America. Engage with others, network, discuss issues of concern to all of us.

Keynote Speaker, Thursday evening, is Chris Maskell of Scottish Development International and the Opening Address on Friday morning is Richard Knight of VisitScotland.

We will be talking about our shared history and heritage and will be looking at ways to engage our youth.

Thursday’s banquet will include a Haggis Ceremony and will be followed by Celtic music.

Discounted tickets to the Fergus Scottish Festival for everyone registered for the Scottish North American Leadership Conference.

Join Us in Ontario for a Scottish Weekend

For 2017, the Scottish North American Leadership Conference is being held in Guelph, Ontario. 2017 marks the 150th anniversary since the Confederation of Canada. The timing of the SNAL Conference coincides with the Fergus Scottish Festival and the Conference schedule ties in to events at the Festival so you don’t have to miss one to attend the other!

We look forward to spending the weekend with you and getting to share our Scottish spirit with you.