Conference Registration Now OPEN

Registration for the 2017 Scottish North American Leadership Conference is now OPEN.


The conference will be held August 10 & 11, 2017 at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

The program will include speakers, round table discussions and planning opportunities as well as the chance to network with others in the Scottish diaspora.

The conference has been scheduled to coincide with the Fergus Scottish Festival, the largest clan gathering in Ontario. We will attend the hearth lighting and clan welcoming on Friday evening and the conference will wrap up in time for everyone to be at the Festival before the Opening Ceremonies and Clan Parade.

Here’s the full program:


  • Afternoon: Workshop on Gaelic Language
  • Meeting between CASSOC, COSCA Leadership Teams
  • Evening: Banquet with Keynote speaker and welcome address by Youth Ambassador, piping of the haggis, and Robbie Burns’ address to the haggis.
  • Evening Entertainment by piper Aiden Maher and Mystic Fyre.


  • Breakfast
  • Speakers on Relevance of Scottish History
  • Lunch
  • Clan MacFarlane Medieval Scottish Charters Exhibit
  • Speakers on Relevance of Scottish Heritage
  • Light dinner
  • Speakers on Engaging Youth in Carrying Forward Our History and Heritage
  • Setting goals for continuing to engage the youth, providing youth with mentoring opportunities
  • Setting stage for SNAL Conference 2018
  • Travel to Fergus for Hearth Lighting and Welcoming of the Clans



2 thoughts on “Conference Registration Now OPEN”

  1. hello,
    I plan on hosting my clan tent at the fergus Highland games games for the first time in our Clan’s history. I do not understand how your conference coincides with the games. I have to prepare and set up my Clan stall and be there before opening times so I’m ready with the other groups. Is the conference an all day thing??? From what time to what time?? Does it start and end right before the games??? When I register, can I bring my helper also or must he be registered seperately? Thanks!!

    1. Steve, the conference starts on the Thursday. We will be taking a bus up to Fergus on the Friday night to attend the hearth lighting and welcoming of the clans. The conference concludes at 11 on Saturday morning so people can get to Fergus in time for the clan parade and opening ceremonies. We recognize some people will need to leave earlier on the Saturday.
      Each person needs to register individually.

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