Karen Macleod McCrimmon

Karen Macleod McCrimmon was born in Toronto, Ontario to family that has deep roots with Clan MacLeod.  When her grandfather met Dame Flora, MacLeod of MacLeod, 28th Chief of Clan MacLeod,  while on a furlough in Skye during WWII, they became friends. He was one of the first to join the newly formed Clan MacLeod Society of Central Ontario in the 1950’s.  Karen’s father was Vice President of the Clan MacLeod Society of Central Ontario for many years and Karen became involved in the Clan from an early age. She has been President of the Clan MacLeod Society of Central Ontario for over 10 years and is now also the Secretary for the Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada.

Karen brought her love for family history and culture to her career and became a history/geography high school teacher in Toronto. When she had the opportunity to study abroad in Scotland she jumped at the opportunity and attained her teaching degree at Moray House College, part of the University of Edinburgh. Living just off the Royal Mile for a year was a wonderful opportunity to experience Scottish culture and history.  She has been teaching teenagers for the Toronto District School Board for the last 17 years.

Last November, Karen was elected as Chair of the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada. Her aim is to engage more youth in their Scottish culture and increase communication between the different Scottish Groups of Canada.

In 2002, at a Clan MacLeod Parliament on the Isle of Skye, Karen met her husband Paul McCrimmon. Little did he know what he was getting into! Today, Karen, Paul and their 2 sons, Colin (age 8) and Iain (age 6) live in Oakville, Ontario.

Karen will be speaking on Engaging Youth with Their Scottish Heritage

Rowan Gladish

Rowan Gladish is a 16-year old grade 11 high school student in Milton, Ontario. She has spent her entire life involved in the Clan MacLeod Society of Central Ontario.  Her family has been part of the Clan for four generations.  She is currently the Youth Coordinator for the Clan MacLeod Society of Canada. One of her goals is to better connect youth who share an interest in their Scottish ancestry and culture. Beyond her Scottish heritage, she has many other interests. Rowan is a singer and  composer and plays 4 different instruments.  She loves to read love and travel. To date, she has traveled to 7 different American states and recently spent a month in Sydney, Australia.

Rowan will be speaking on Engaging Youth with Their Scottish Heritage



Christine Woodcock

Christine Woodcock is a genealogy educator with an expertise in the Scottish records. She began researching her family history following the death of her mother and grandmother who were the storytellers of the family. Christine’s mother was one of 21 children and although they emigrated to Canada when Christine was quite young, she grew up immersed in Scottish culture. Every summer saw family visiting from Scotland, Her home was the gathering place for card games, parties, celebrations, fun. She was completely immersed in Scottish culture as her parents were keen to maintain as much of their heritage as they could and that has been passed along to her.

Every year, she gets the honour of accompanying groups of genealogy researchers to Scotland where they can immerse themselves in their Scottish ancestry. When not traveling or planning, Christine lectures, writes, edit genealogy newsletters, engages with the Scottish North American community and is a self-proclaimed ambassador for both genealogy tourism and for Scotland.

Christine is well connected in the Scottish Canadian Community. She is a member of the Scottish Ancestral Tourism Group (Scotland). She is a member of the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC) and is chair of the organizing committee for the Scottish North American Leadership Conference in 2017.

Christine will be speaking on Scottish Heritage


New Director of Scottish Studies Katie McCullough

Katie Louise McCullough is the Director of the Centre for Scottish Studies at Simon Fraser University. Katie completed her PhD at the University of Guelph where she was very active with the Centre for Scottish Studies. Her research focuses on poverty relief and economic development in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and Canada in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Katie will be speaking on the role of Scots in the history of Canada